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Quality forks for all trucks and applications

We offer a complete range of quality forks to fit any type of truck and application.

MSI is the approved supplier of all main truck manufacturers.

We have over 60 years of tradition in fork manufacturing, which makes our technical expertise and quality best in class. We are used to being held to high standards!
Quality forks for all trucks and applications

1.HOOK TYPE (ISO or ITA): Hook forks are the most common fork in the market. Hook type forks have dimensional tolerances controlled by international standards ISO 2328 or ANSI B56.11.4. 2.PIN TYPE: Pin type forks usually fit construction machinery and medium capacity lift trucks (above 7 tons). Pin type dimensional tolerances will vary for each type and model of truck. 3.BIG FORKS: Big forks are high capacity forks, usually above 20 tons. There is a wide variation of suspension types and section sizes, which makes every Big Fork unique. 4.CUSTOM MADE: Custom made is a fork specially produced to meet a special material handling requirement. Example, spark resistant forks.

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